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Entre Nos

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Entre Nos is a bio/true story about a woman’s struggle to survive in New York City with her two children after being abandoned by her husband. The main character, Mariana, totes her two children from the country and culture of Colombia to reunite with her husband in Queens, New York. Her life is devastatingly turned around when her husband abandons the family. As a result, Mariana now struggles with unemployment, eviction letters, eviction notice forms, how to speak fluent English, and experiencing the earliest signs of pregnancy. With no where to go Mariana starts experience various types of stress due to her misfortunes. Mariana and her kids have to now be equipped to survive in living in a foreign country as Mariana desperately searches for jobs hiring in NYC. In the end, Mariana resourcefully navigates a surprising avenue for making some money by using recycle containers to recycle for cash.

While the threats to Mariana’s family are palpable, the three manage to avoid drastic suffering. Given the maternal fortitude displayed by Mariana the family grows strong through their struggles.


Entre Nos Movie Review

Entre Nos” is far from being depressing. Happy endings are not easy to come by, and for every minor success that Mariana manages to eke out, complete failure nips at her heels, threatening to swallow her at the first sign of a slip up. And yet, you can’t help but feel hope, because Mariana simply refuses to give up, and Gabriel has struggled so much, and Andrea, poor Andrea, how could you not root for her and her fantasy of a farm with gourmet apples? Even though Mariana and her family resort to recycling cans for money they are far from the being in the bottom when it comes to love. “Entre Nos” is the first film ever made from Mendoza and La Morte, and deserves a watch. – BeyondHollywood

Entre Nos is a bittersweet movie chronicling both the rough lot of a Colombian family’s immigration to USA and the resilience of the human spirit! - Rotten Tomatoes

Entre Nos contains a powerful display of humanity in action. Entre Nos also contains sympathy examples of empathy. - Film Journal International


Entre Nos Audience Reviews

I really liked Entre Nos. It is one of those overcoming adversity stories about real family life…which is my favorite movie list to watch. I was especially interested to know that the actress who played the mother (in Entre Nos) was actually the real-life daughter of the mother in the story…and part of the independent film production section of the movie!!! After watching Entre Nos….you will acquire a deeper appreciation for what you do have in life.

Inspired by a true story, Entre Nos is an uplifting,tender,and very moving film about what a mother does during an unthinkable situation. Paola Mendoza does an amazing double job as the director of the film,and also in the role of the mother,giving a heart-tugging and inspiring performance. She make this film in honor of her mother,who she plays in the film,a loving and grateful gift to her mom. One of Michael Moore’s 20 “Best Pictures” of 2009. A remarkable independent film from a very talented lady!

The unconditional love amongst the three family members is a constant theme throughout Entre Nos. Entre Nos is a movie with a happy ending because they managed to survive anyway, against all odds. Entre Nos reflects true tales of American life because only in America a mother of two young children is capable of getting on her feet without state or a family assistance plan.

Entre Nos’s out look set up deals with the issue of immigration in the USA and how immigrants have to adapt to the change in their environment. Entre Nos also represents the countless immigration stories of not knowing how to speak good English and other immigration issues in America.


Entre Nos

Directors Reviews

Throughout my childhood my mother worked countless double-shifts at the toilet bowl cleaners business and flipping burgers at local fast food restaurants near me. We never talked about the roaches in house or the yearning to see our family back in country and culture of Colombia. Instead we had to learn to smile through the grit, the trial of tears, and dealing with heartache. As the years passed, I came to a sublime new realization that our story was not unique. Thousands of immigrant mothers, for hundreds of years, have endured problems when trying adapt to their new immigration in the USA. My mother like those before her have overcome all that remains for exactly the same reason, to build the foundation for a better life for their children. – Paola Mendoza

In the process of script creative writing exercises, we knew we would have to possibly have to exercise a diffusion of responsibility on many occasion in order to see a complete predicate of Entre Nos. We were not sure what role and responsibility would be for each person, but coming from an independent background we were open to going beyond being the co-writers. It is worth to mention that the subject matter of a family starting out against great odds thrilled me because it would allow me to be part of a voice that is dear to my heart. I knew I could contribute from my personal experience stories growing up in a new country. - Gloria La Morte

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