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Paola and Gloria on How to Make Empanadas

(Entre Nos)

A behind the scenes extra movie clip from the Entre Nos movie. In this clip the two directors of Entre Nos, Paola Mendoza and Gloria La Morte, show everyone how to make empanadas. The secret to making empanadas is to first have an empanadas recipe according to Gloria. The main ingredient for baked colombian empanadas is the seasoning that gives the empanadas that great kick, but first you must know empanada dough recipe. From this video they hope that others can make beef empanadas, chicken empanadas, and Colombian empanadas.

Paola and Gloria Entre Nos Interview

(Entre Nos)

Entre Nos is one of the inspirational short stories about family that really captures what true love is. Entre Nos is a dedication to my mom and to all mothers who have the types of dreams to see their children make a better life for themselves. I am sure you know what I speak of, for the dreams of immigrant mothers are no different from the types of dreams of all mothers. Entre Nos gives tributes to mothers who want their children to be living longer, living better than theirs. Entre Nos is a story about a mothers dedication to give her children the opportunity to fulfill their hopes and dreams.

Paola Casts The Role Of Antonio

(Entre Nos)

Paola is giving the great news to Andres Munar that he is cast as Antonio in the Entre Nos film.

Sebastian Villada On Being Cast For Entre Nos

(Entre Nos)

Paola Talks to Sebastian Villada About Being Cast in Entre Nos.