Chillin in Tokyo

I have a four hour lay over before I land in Chicago and then finally arrive at Indianapolis….making my trip a total of about 27 hours. I am a long way from home! why Indy, you ask? Well, you guessed it…another film festival. Right now I am in about two of my four hour wait which has given me a lot of time to contemplate life and specifically Korea.

I had a huge revelation in Korea. I thought to myself, “If I can travel alone in Korea and make my way around without a problem I can travel anywhere in the entire world!” In that moment I felt this surge of freedom come over me. I really could go just about anywhere in the world (barring a few war torn countries & cities) and make my way just fine. Before Korea I had never been to a place so foreign in culture, in expedience, in language. And to be quite honest before leaving I was a little afraid. I’m not talking about the type of fear of getting mugged or killed or anything violent. It’s a smaller but deeper fear, the fear of feeling alienated, lost and inadequate. The fear of not being able to manage in a place so different…but that type of fear I always like to embrace…because that fear quickly disappears once the adventure begins. And so on my first day in Korea the fear was gone because I was on the streets hanging with the people and doing just fine. Which lead me to realize that I could go to India by myself, I could go to Brazil by myself, to Nepal, to South Africa, to Australia…and I would be fine.

Will I go to all these places, yes of course! Will I go by myself…some I will travel to alone, some with family, some with friends…but if ever I feel the need to get up and go…now I know I can do it and all will be GOOD!

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