PSA Video

Actress/Director Paola Mendoza of the upcoming film ENTRE NOS makes a passionate plea for immigration reform and control act. With this immigration reform update, immigrants are provided with  rights that previous immigrants did not have when entering the Unites States. Thus, immigrants can not be taken advantage of in terms of employment and amnesty standards.



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3 thoughts on PSA Video

  1. Thank you Paola…. appreciate your passion – I too share your passion for this country!
    Coming to this country at age 7 – Brooklyn for us (family of 7) – me the oldest boy seeing my mother struggle to make her family WIN and accomplish the dreams we heard about and wanted to make come true so bad!! Way to go! I just watched this for the first time (May of 2012) and touched my heart because of the memories it brought to me!! Thank you! Excellent tribute to a great and wonderful woman! Muy Chevere!!

  2. erick says:

    The best film about immigration since El Norte. This is film not a movie. It is nothing less than perfection.

  3. Vicky Slavik says:

    Una pelicula fenomenal. I showed this movie to my seniors in High School and I was touched by their response. I loved the movie. I came here when I was 8 from Colombia with my mother and 2 sisters. So I understood many of the things in the movie. My students were amazed. Would love to have Paola come talk to my students about the Immigration issue in my classes. Great Job!