Life always gives you unexpected gifts and last week ENTRE NOS and in turn Gloria and I got a litle surprise. We recievied a phone call from our Colombian producer letting us know that we are in the final rounds of a grant that the Colombian government gives out annually. The grant is in the amount of $60,000 dollars! A lot of money!!! What would we use this money for since one would assume the movie is done…welll not quite, we still have to blow up the movie to 35mm, get the dolby license and ther rest of the money would be used for the theatrical release in Colombia.

That was the good news…(ENTRE NOS along with six other films were finalist, two of which recieve a grant)..the great news was we were also told that we had to travel to Bogota to pitch the film. So we scrambled bought our tickets and here we are in Colombia! Tomorrow is our pitch which means we will be practicing all day today, getting ourselves ready to GET THAT MONEY!

It’s wonderful to be back in Colombia, it always feels so good to be home. The smells, the people, the air, the sounds..there is no feeling like being home.

Colombia gives me peace..Colombia mi tierra linda…

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