Culture shock from the 18th floor

I have arrived…it took about 22 hours to get to Pusan but I did finally make it in last night at about 10pm. Today I ventured out into the city and loved every second of it. Even the getting lost, the inability to comunicate, the inability to order my lunch…I loved all of it!

There is a certian freedom about being here. Whenever I travel I am in a constant battle with myself about trying to Not give away the fact that I am a tourist. I like the apperance of being at home, I hate carrying a map, I dislike taking pictures. Don’t get it twisted I do all of those things but I’m in contstant conversation with myself. Yet here that convo has stopped because I clearly am not from here. On the train today I was the only non Korean. At times people seemed a little surprised to see me…but everyone was kind and very helpful. Being in korea has been the most culture shock I have felt in my entire life and I love it. It’s with in that culture shock that we as people grow, it is in those diffrences that we search for oneness…a list of my culture shock thus far

the bed is hard as a rock
no shower curtain or shower door
slippers at security check in airport cuz I had to take off my shoes
legs falling asleep at lunch because I sat on the floor at a traditional table
stainless steel chopticks
communal showers at the hotel sauna
no shoes in the locker room
lots of shoving on the street and no one says excuse me
young people giving up their seats on the train for elders
a fish market that will never be forgotten
at every store every person bows to you
working cell phones on the subway
no tipping…ever

there’s lots more but that’s it for today cuz I’m pooped!!! If there are typos I apologize I am writing froM my phone again!


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