b-roll is enuf!!!!!!!!!

so today we finally finished the damn b-roll! For anyone who was following the saga, we have been trying to shoot this b-roll for the past 2 weeks, but the damn weather didn’t want to help us. We needed blue blue skies and finally Monday we got them. We replaced what we could, and now we are DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh it feels great! a huge relief… of course this won’t last long because we have a ton of things to do. What, you ask? let me give you a brief list so you can understand what me and the team are doing everyday.

We just hired our publicists, which we are thrilled about!!! Falco Ink., welcome to the team. They are the real deal people: they have worked on MANY successful films and they are very very excited to be working on the film, and we are thrilled to have them.

Okay the TO DO list:
Finalize poster (which looks HOT!)
send kyle pics so he can upload to website
meet with Gil (composer) to go over second round of notes.
return camera
pick up 40 DVD from Indiepix
deal with Colombian government to get a travel grant
call the ambassador of Colombia
finalize space for our after party
design emailable e-vite for screening
make our press clips
deal with some major tech stuff for our on-line
talk with TAA
meet with the kids

…you get the deal….lots of work that must get done…but again i am loving it..thriving off of it…

today my heart skipped a beat when I realized we are less than a month away from sharing this film to the world!

yeah boyeeeeee!!!!!!!!

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