NY post says we are a must see film…so we MUST get it done!

How i am finding the time to write is beyond me….my hands hurt from typing so much, by back hurts from sitting on my computer all day and my phone is in perpetual dying mode…but here I am…grinding to get it all done in time.

gloria and i go up to woodstock for two days tomorrow to start working on initial sound stuff. The kids are coming up on Saturday to do some ADR. We are so close to that finish line I can see it…without my glasses, that how close we are :)

and at some moment I need to find time to figure out what I am going to wear for the premiere, I need to get a hair cut (cuz i am a complete mess at the moment) and I MUST MUST get a massage….

this blog is all over the place as its a reflection of how my mind is working these days…controlled chaos…and i LOVE IT!

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