Finger typing from London

As the title suggest I am blogging from my phone so do excuse any typos! At the moment I am in London, under my warm covers resting from av full two days of being a tourist!!!! And I have been THAT tourist. I carry a map, a lonely planet book, I’m armed with 2 cameras and walk slowly as I look at all the sights pissing off the londeners who have some place to be. And Im happy to be that person!

As I have mentioned on Twitter/facebook I love it here. I feel like I could easily live here, have a life here, be happy here. Paris I adore but I don’t feel like Paris could ever be mine the way New York is mine BUT I could own London! Hopefully life will bring me to live in London for s few years.

I’ve spent the last two days alone. Doing what I want to do, taking my time in the rain, seeing the theater I want to see, sitting, standing and walking whenever I want. Basically I have had freedom for two days and it has been great. I’ve learned that I am much quieter than I thought. I don’t really speak to strangers, instead I watch and listen and prefer to stay to myself. If someone speaks to me the convo comes pouring but I rarely will initiate any conversation. I am not judging it…it’s simply an observation about myself.

I return to NYC in 3 days and I have quite a bit of writing to do For a deadline I have upon my return and I also some charater work for a Law and Order gig I just booked. So once I get back to NYC I hit the ground running! In other words I need to enjoy the calm before the storm.

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