I woke up this morning a bit disoriented…I wasn’t sure where I was..I didn’t recognize the hotel room (tends to happen when your traveling a lot) and then after a few seconds of figuring out where literally in the world I was…everything flooded back. I was in the beautiful town of Deauville, in a stunning hotel with marvelous views that overlooked the ocean. I took a deep breath and grabbed my phone to check my e-mails…oh i am a product of this tech addicted generation!

I opened an e-mail that read…”Congrats ENTRE NOS won Best American Film in Portugal!” I did a double take…read it again to make sure my mind had not played tricks on me but no there it was again plain as day light “Congrats ENTRE NOS won Best American Film in Portugal!”! I smiled, took another breath and thought of all the people that made this movie happen. In that moment I was deeply grateful, deeply humbled and deeply touched by EVERYONE that worked their butts off not for money (cause no one made a lot of money) but for a more elusive idea…for art, for faith, for gratitude and for whatever reasons each person decided were important to sacrifice so much of themselves in order to make Entre Nos happen.

I took a shower, got dressed and went to Gloria’s room to give her the good news. When I told her she couldn’t stop laughing…it was 8am and we were trying to not wake our neighbors up but Gloria couldn’t stop laughing and we soon rushed down to breakfast and toasted OUR success with a delicious mimosa.

Now Gloria is heading back to NYC and I am in Paris for a few days and then I head off to London. I’ve been to Paris now 4 times but in all my visits here I have missed some very important landmarks…the Louve and Notre today I took the day and visited each place. It was wonderful to be by myself after a week of not having a moment alone.

Tomorrow my plan is to write, write and write. I have this romantic idea that I will be very inspired in the cafes of Paris….I hope the ghosts of all the great writers who have been inspired by this beautiful city over the centuries will come and visit me and help me on my new journey.

Will write more hopefully tomorrow!

Life is good today!

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