It was bound to happen…

So eventually we had to cross that bridge…eventually we would not have perfection and last night was when is when it happened.

Last night we had out first (and hopefully last) bad screening. I hate even typing that ( and yes I am thumb typing from my phone) but I feel I have to share the good and the bad. why was it so bad??? Well the sound was wasn’t on our end it was the euqipment and the picture was just as bad. The projector was completely off…very yellow. It was so bad that I stayed for 2 mins and then walked out. I couldn’t torture myself any longer. Some might say that I am being dramatic (as I tend to be and film directors tend to be EXTRA sensative about tech stuff) but I am not being dramatic. I walked in for the end credits and there was a guy covering his ears..that’s how bad it was.

I came home last night after the screening and went right to bed. It had been a bad day…my bag was still lost and the screening sucked. I wanted to blog about it last night but the hotel computer was broken and my laptop was dead and the charger was in my lost bag….so I decided to just sleep.

This morning I woke up to my bag in the hotel lobby in perfect condition and the shining sun. I went to the beach and didn’t even think about the screening. I let it all go…I had to…

So now I am off to a party..met a few filmmakers (one if which saw entre nos at Tribeca and loved it…such a small world….and that of course made me feel better) gonna eat some food and catch a flick.


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