Lost in translation

I learned that speaking spanish does not mean I understand a word of Portugese. Portugese sounds like a mixture of Italian, Spanish and Chinese…which leaves me at a complete loss when it comes to comunicating. Thank god my Portugese brothers and sister are all fluent in Spanish so communication is relatively easy.

I walked around the downtown area of Setebul and it was really beautiful. It reminded me so much of Cuba, with its arciteture and pealing paint, the colors that were once bright but with time have become a muted color of their former selves. So beautiful..brought back many memories of Cuba.

I also ate some AMAZING fish for luch which had me fantazing of the old fisherman that must of caught it off his rickety fishing boat this morning. I took about an hour to complete my meal..no rush…just me alone relishing every bite..every moment…enjoying my company and my thoughts.

It was a mostly quiet day today..not a lot of festival activity..and I feel as if I am in a deep trance since this jet lag has allowed me to only sleep a few hours in about 36 hours. But the quiet tranquil trance state will change in about two hours as we will be screening the film tonight. A flip of mood will ne a must.

As most of you know my luggage didn’t make it…its lost somewhere in between Paris and Lisbon..I have made due for today but tomorrow is when the problems really come into play. But I am not thinking about tomorrow…I am staying in the moment today and enjoying the breeze, the quiet and the trance like state.

More tomorow…no spell check and my jet lag has taken an effect on my typing skills pardon all the typos!

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