posters, parties and larry david

The Vanity Fair party was amazing!!! As soon as we walked into the room, who was to my right but my all time favorite LARRY DAVID. The to the left, Bono, Rick Ruben, Kayne West, Spike Lee, Julie Taymor…the list goes on and on. It was a really amazing place to be.

Gloria, Joe, Michael and I drank good wine ate really good food and enjoyed the surreal moment of being in that room.

Since then we have gone to 2 parties and one movie premiere. I have moved on to only drinking water. I started off strong at VF but realized I have to be able to maintain until Saturday where I will LET LOOSE with the auguardiente!

The buzz on the film seems to be pretty good right now. All the filmmakers know about the film, we have really amazing distributors RSVP’d for our premiere and we have been on a few critics/bloggers must see list… so all in all we couldn’t be in a better place.

2 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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