Vanity Fair & water-proof mascara

Alright my people….THE FILM IS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

We handed it off to Tribeca today just in time for the festival to avert cardiac arrest. They were very patient with us but we could hear the stress and concern in their voices whenever they asked about the film…but ya…it’s done. Gloria and I watched it yesterday in the online room, color corrected, with final titles, with sound design and with final mix and needless to say at the end of the film we were both in tears. Each of us had our own reasons for the tears but we we were also connected to the amazing feeling of having completed a goal that at the start was so daunting it seemed impossible.

Now that the work is done the fun begins! Tonight Gloria and I are off to the Vanity Fair Party. I am really excited about going to fiesta tonight. Every time I mention it to anyone at the festival…they are like WOW, you’re going to the VF party…that’s amazing. I hear the guest list is VERY tight and very few filmmakers are able to attend….but here we go the ENTRE NOS crew…gonna get the party crackin!

I have a beautiful dress to wear tonight along with amazing jewelry that my girl Alison hooked me up with. I am wearing her jewelry through out the festival and it will be a hit..NO DOUBT. If you want to check out her stuff go to

I hope to be able to write through out the festival as this will be the fun stuff..but looking at my schedule it seems like a very difficult task but I am promising myself I will try. All the work is done, the film, the shopping for my dresses, the jewelry, the make up (i bought water-proof mascara for the premiere as I am sure I am going to need it!), the tickets are almost sorted out..we are short 8 but I am sure we will work it out.

thanks to all for supporting us through the all the hard work and we hope to have you through out all of the fun stuff as well.

off to get a mani and a pedi!

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