With the fall comes loads of travel!

After a fairly relaxed summer I am gearing up to have a crazy fall! I am happy to announce that the film will be playing in Deauville Film Festival in mid September as well as Frestoria which is a festival in Portugal. Both Gloria and I will be traveling to Deauville and then I will make the solo journey to Portugal followed by a seven day stay in France. I am thinking about staying a couple day in Paris ( I love Paris) and then traveling to the south of France. I figure it’s best to go and have a few adventures in France then to come back to NYC and work…cause now is the time to have fun!

After my adventures in France I return to NYC and we will be screening in a festival in the New York area (can’t tell you which one just yet), then the beginning of October has us heading to the Heart Land where we are finalists for a fantastic award, from there to Pusan South Korea, somewhere in between all of that Gloria flies to Germany for a few days and then its Mexico, Dominic Republic, Florida and who knows where else.

It’s amazing, it’s exhausting and thrilling to be living and breathing a dream. I look back at the road we’ve traveled and yeah it’s been VERY bumpy at times…only a few areas have been smooth but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The bumps gave us bruises but they also made us so much stronger and forced us to conquer all of our fears. And I think that was the hardest part of all..conquering fear…my new mantra…Fear-so what!

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