In 40 mins I will be on a plane to Paris and then catch a connection to Lisbon arriving at about 10:30 am. We screen ENTRE NOS tomorrow night so I will have just enough time to get my hussle on so people show up at the screening. I’ve never been to Portugal and am very excited to drink amazing port and practice my Portuguese. I’ve promised myself and by extension you, that I will document my two weeks through Europe via my blog. I’ll be posting pics, video (if I can figure out how to do it as I am very tech stupid) and writing my thoughts.

It will be fun as I am bound to get into many adventures especially since I am traveling by myself! This is my first time REALLY traveling alone. I have gone to a few places for work alone but I’ve never vacationed alone…so I am excited to learn new things about myself and see how I deal with be alone for two weeks. It’s good practice for me as I have a master plan (one that I cannot share with you just yet) but this is getting me prepared for that fabulous plan.

Anyway, my phone is about to die (that’s how committed I am to writing this thing…I’ll type the dam thing with my thumbs!) so I must be on my way.

Next up…Lisbon!!!!

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